Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Some back history....

After talking about it for about a year I decided to finally do something about it and started looking for jobs. I put in my first resume on a Friday evening and by the next Tuesday I was booking a flight to Denver that weekend to spend some time in the mountains and interview for a position Monday morning. Little did I know that I would have 3 interviews lined up with 3 different companies by Sunday evening.

I left the first interview feeling like I had completely bombed it and would never hear from that company again. Within an hour and a half they had called me to set up my final interview before I caught my flight home the next morning. Completely shocked and excited and every other adjective I could use to describe being nervous I went on to my next two interviews.

I didn't expect to come back from this trip with a new job so one can imagine how shocked I was to have an offer from both of the last two companies. Now I had some decisions to make! Nothing a little time in the mountains couldn't help with though. My buddy Chris G. and Misti H. took me to the top of Mount Sanitas that night and I enjoyed yet another run in the mountains, while we all talked about the crazy happenings of that day and the looming decision I would have to make soon.

The view from Mt. Sanitas. Photo Courtesy of Chris G.

The next morning I arose super early for another interview and to catch my flight back home. The final interview went well and I was very confident that I would be receiving an offer from them by the end of the week, but I had already made my decision on which job to take. I flew home and my training partner picked me up from the airport and I told her I would be moving to Colorado Springs in a few weeks, just 3 weeks before our upcoming 100 miler.

Fast forward roughly 3 weeks and here I am with only two days left at my current job and only 4 days and a wake up before I begin my drive across the country with all my belongings in  a U-Haul to begin the next chapter of my life. The past three weeks have held a whirlwind of emotions and have been chaotic ironing out all the details of the move. I'm beyond excited for this new start but I would be lying if I said I wasn't terrified. I'm moving farther away from my family and leaving the best friends I have ever had. The BOR is the reason I am the runner that I am today and without this amazing group of people I wouldn't be where I am now. They will be truly missed. Luckily this Saturday before I leave I get to run one last race with them in Kentucky. LBL 50. I'll be running the 50 miler as my last hoorah with the group and I cant think of a better send off than one last weekend of us all together.

Race and move report to follow sometime next week...

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