Thursday, March 13, 2014

Settling In

This past week has been a whirl wind to say the least. I've been meaning to write but with everything going on I haven't had the chance, or the words to say. My thoughts are kind of all over the place and this post will most likely be the same way. Please bare with me!

Last Friday morning my parents came to Evansville to help me load up the U-Haul before I left for LBL with Michele and Wayne, and I have been going non stop since it seems. We got to Grand Rivers Friday afternoon for packet pickup and realized there was no Papa Johns or Subway anywhere close for us to pick up our pre race meals. We ended up going on a bit of an adventure that involved 50ish miles of driving and a pizza pick up in a bowling alley parking lot that resembled more of a drug deal than anything!

That night was spent at the condo with everyone. The group got me a big picture that they all signed, Kendra and Kevin got me a plaque that they wrote a nice message on the back of and Cathy got me a Superman bank since she always calls me Superman. She told me it was to be used to save money to come visit one quarter at a time. What really pushed me over the edge and almost made me cry was the glue stick Michele gave me. Long story short she has always been the glue that held our running relationship together as she puts it. Its earned a permanent home in my pack.

The race Saturday went awfully, I'll get around to a race report at some point. I crashed on Michele and Wayne's couch Saturday night and said my final good byes Sunday morning. Papa Wayne was wrong, I didn't cry before I made it to the end of the road, I held it off for 60 miles!!! The next two days involved 1000 miles of windshield time and getting everything into the new apartment with the help of my parents. The move would not have been possible without their help and I am forever grateful!

My parents left Tuesday around noon after I got back from an interview with another company. I've had a crazy turn of events and I'm actually going to work for a different company than the one that I moved out here for. It's going to require me to move to South Denver in the near future so that's another thing that I am having to figure out.

The stress has definitely been building up over the past couple of days with accepting a different position, the reality that I have left my best friends behind, and the 100 coming up in two weeks. Today the realization that this isn't just a vacation set in and the water works began flowing! I'm not normally an overly emotional person and I don't wear my heart on my sleeve but today was hard on me.

I've explored some trails over the past couple of days that are literally right by my apartment complex which is really nice. I'm not doing anything to crazy since the 100 is in two weeks. I'm embracing the taper!!!

As you can tell by this post my thoughts are all over the place, and I apologize for the scattered post. I'm looking forward to getting settled and getting back into a routine and I'm really looking forward to seeing Michele and Wayne in a couple of weeks.

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