Tuesday, December 9, 2014

New Motivations

Just two days ago I started writing this post and once the words stopped flowing I saved it and closed my computer to finish another day. The post started as follows:

The last few months since The Bear 100 my normal routine has seen a few changes. Instead of heading home from work and getting straight out on the trails I have taken naps, maybe enjoyed a few to many beers and definitely enjoyed to many Biscuits. Needless to say my off-season has been a little over embraced.

Over these few months, I've learned a few lessons the hard way but I have also made great memories with friends, jumped into one last 50K for the season, slept in on Saturdays instead of getting up at the ass crack of dawn to run all day and found a new hobby to get me through the winter. I'm getting into climbing and giving my brain a slight rest from the countless hours on the trails. I have not stopped running but my mileage has definitely dropped back. I was hopping to gain entry into Hardrock 100 knowing that would light the fire again but with only a 2.5% chance I knew it was a slim chance this year.

Now knowing that I didn't get into Hardrock I can start registering for my back up races. It looks like my early season will be filled with the first 50 I ever did, Land Between the Lakes 50 back in Kentucky with the old crew, and Bighorn 100 in June. I'm also throwing my name into the Wasatch 100 lottery to fill out my season. Fingers crossed I have better luck with this one!

Now having just got back from tonight's run where the sunset cast a strange orange glow across the mountains that is indescribable I feel the fire burning hotter again. I'm not saying I wont continue to enjoy a few beers, maybe occasionally to many, or other endeavors and I'm definitely not back 100% where I was in July and August but I have the desire to be out building my base and working on speed so I can have a strong 2015 season. The difference a couple of days can make is incredible, I am sure I will again struggle this winter with motivation but I am confident that the fire will stay lit, and that 2015 will see improvements 2014 did not!